Top 10 Phuket Beaches

The Very Best Beaches in Phuket

Top Ten Phuket Beaches

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Considering we are experts in all things Phuket, it is understandable that we would get asked a lot of questions. One of the more frequent questions that we hear time and again is, “What is the Best Beach in Phuket?” Well, that is not really a simple question to answer as most beaches have good things and bad things. There are very few beaches that really have everything.

Being the helpful lot that we are, we have painstakingly gone through our list of every Phuket beach and compiled a list of what we feel are the Top 10 Beaches in Phuket.

Of course this is not a definitive list, we may have ranked a beach too high or too low based on your own observations. This is purely our opinion, based on the time we have spent in Phuket. So without further ado, I present to you…

The 10 Best Phuket Beaches

#1 Freedom Beach

Location: Patong

Freedom Beach is one of the least accessible of all the Phuket beaches. Unless you are in the mood to trek a kilometer through thick jungle over private land, the beach is only accessible by boat. But if you enjoy spending a day in the sunny Phuket weather relaxing on a lounger, Freedom Beach is a good choice. Read More

#2 Banana Beach

Location: Laguna

Once upon a time, Banana Beach was one of the last unspoilt Phuket beaches, but lately the secret has apparently gotten out and the tourists have flocked here in droves. It is also known as Banana Rock Beach and despite the rise in tourism, the beach is still stunningly beautiful. Read More

#3 Kata Noi Beach

Location: Kata

Located just south of Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach is one of the most beautiful Phuket beaches. Unlike it’s big brother, Kata Noi Beach is still reasonably undeveloped, giving it a more private feel. There are no beach vendors and only a handful of loungers to bask in the sun. Read More

#4 Kata Beach

Location: Kata

Kata beach is a popular stop over for many tourists as it is one of the nicest Phuket beaches. Despite all of the tourist activity located on and around the beach, Kata beach is still very beautiful. The beach is lined with casuarina trees that offer a relaxing shade to those afraid of the sun. Read More

#5 Laem Singh Beach

Location: Surin

Laem Singh Beach is one of the more beautiful beaches in Phuket Island and was relatively unknown until recently. Nowadays, the beach is packed full of tourists, but you really can’t blame them. Despite the increase in tourism, the beach is still absolutely stunning and well worth a look. Read More

#6 Nai Harn Beach

Location: Nai Harn

Nai Harn Beach is one of the best Phuket beaches with it’s beautiful white sand that slopes gently into the Andaman Sea. This beautiful beach is never as crowded as some of the more popular tourist beaches and as a result, offers a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Read More

#7 Nai Thon Beach

Location: Laguna

Nai Thon Beach is a one kilometer long stretch of the squeakiest sand that you will ever experience in your whole life. It is considered part of the Sirinath National Park and has thus far escaped the over-development that many of the other Phuket beaches have suffered. Read More

#8 Bang Tao Beach

Location: Laguna

Bang Tao Beach is an eight kilometer stretch of fantastic beach, making it one of the absolute best Phuket beaches. It is home to the famous Laguna Complex, an area consisting of seven upscale resorts and a private golf course. Laguna dominates much of the center of the beach, with a number of hotels and bungalows operating at the southern end. Read More

#9 Kamala Beach

Location: Kamala

Kamala Beach is a beautiful two kilometer stretch of white sand beach that is the perfect destination for families wanting to stay away from Patong. Before it was a small Muslim fishing village and although there is still a significant Muslim population, now Kamala is a bustling little town. Read More

#10 Surin Beach

Location: Surin

Surin Beach is a one kilometer long strip of golden sand that provides all the luxuries of Patong Beach without the dirty water and huge number of tourists. The beach is famous for it’s crystal clear water that will make you think Patong Beach is a cesspool. Read More

Freedom Beach

Banana Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Beach

Laem Singh Beach

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Thon Beach

Bang Tao Beach

Kamala Beach

Surin Beach

Lawrence Michaels

Google+ : Lawrence is an American expat who has lived in Thailand since 2008. He has spent the majority of his time living on the Island of Phuket, but has also done a fair amount of traveling around the country.

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  1. Catherine

    Nice to know Lawrence. I’m not a huge beach person but when I do go I want peace and quiet, and as deserted as possible.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Most of those popular beaches will have their fair share of people during the high season. However, there are plenty of smaller beaches that are nice enough which rarely get many visitors at all. I guess that would be good for a different list. Top ten beaches for the anti-social beach bum, or something to that affect.

  2. Jonathan Look, Jr.

    What a beautiful place. I hope to be writing from Phuket in a few months!

  3. Johanna

    Ohmigosh! What stunning beaches. I love Thailand – definitely time to return 🙂

  4. deanne sotero

    I’ve been to Nai Harn beach and the place is breathtaking and it is not that crowded. Will go back to that place again! : )

  5. Araceli O'Neil

    Am I just missing it or am I really not seeing Koh Phiphi from the list? That is hands-down just the best beach in Phuket and in all of Thailand and Southeast Asia for that matter. Anyway, I love your comprehensive listing and your unbiased points and the parameters you used to come up with such listing. That would be perfect for any travel site or agency for that matter. Cheers!

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Koh Phi Phi is an island that is about 30-40 kilometers off of the east coast of Phuket. So technically, it is not in Phuket and hence, not on the list. When I get around to it, it will be included on the Top Islands list, but that is for another day. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Sam

    Very useful list of phuket beaches. Thanks you for your compilation of this list. it will help us to refer the beaches we are looking to explore.

  7. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Lawrence,

    Great list! We love Nai Harn; quite, peaceful and as you mentioned it is not too crowded. During the low season the beach becomes super quiet. Perfect spot for relaxing although of course, swimming is a bit dangerous with the rip tides.

    During high season the water is oh so clear. We always stay in Rawai; quiet community and quick motorbike ride to Nai Harn.


  8. Renuka

    Well, it’s an important list for beach lovers! Beautiful collection 🙂

  9. Alvian Rahardjo

    nice list of Phuket beaches, Lawrence!
    i love Komala beach, not crowded, peaceful, calm and quite 🙂
    so beautiful, green and blue in one shot!

  10. paula

    Hi I am considering going to Maio Kao beach for Anantura resort, but is is not on the list and the beach does not seen nice.
    Is it a good choise, also is it crowed beach?
    I am travelling alone with my husband, no children this time.

    Paula, from Portugal

    • Lawrence Michaels

      I couldn’t tell you anything about the Anantura Resort from personal experience, but based on it’s reviews, it seems like a very nice place. Mai Khao Beach is pretty huge, about 9 kilometers long, which means there is plenty of room to spread out. For the most part, the beach is uncrowded. It should be noted that there aren’t any beach activities (jet-skis, banana boats, etc.), which can be good or bad, depending on your preference. A good portion of the beach is located within the Sirinath National Park so it is protected from things like that.

    • Paola

      The last time I was there, I stayed at Cape Panwa, I loved the resort (Radisson) but we couldnt find a ‘public’ beach anywhere near. Now I know they were just around the corner, so to speak. Mind you they dont seem to be great for swimming according to the reviews. I love Cape Panwa, nice and quiet, but the lack of a public beach nearby probably will put me off coming back.
      Any recommendations to improve one’s stay in Cape Panwa?

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend Cape Panwa unless you want to stay at your resort and sit by the pool. The west coast of Phuket is by far the better coast. If you are looking for quiet, you may want to look at Kata Noi Beach. Although it is only 5 minutes from the super busy Kata, it is actually pretty quiet. It can be a bit more expensive however.

  11. neha

    Hi lawrence, we are planning a trip to Thailand in May, will it be a bad season to go? Secondly among karon, kata & patong which beach area wud be the best to stay in? I want a good balance of a beauutifull scenic beach plus enough activities & fun elements nearby. Thanks a ton!

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Unlike the ‘High Season’ you are more likely to run into a bit of rain in May. However, this year is a lot drier than most so you will probably be okay. Of those beaches I would recommend Kata. It is more family friendly and laid back than the other two. Patong is the place to be if you want to party every night. Karon is somewhere in between the two.

  12. jeremy jonathan

    Hi Lawrence

    Heading to Phuket with a single buddy of mine in July. Which hotel would you recommend if we are looking for high end but also fun for single guys? Thank you.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      If you are looking for nightlife, there are plenty of high end hotels in Patong. If you want really upscale, you should look more North towards the Laguna area.

  13. JY

    Hi! I’ll be heading to Phuket early June. I wanna do some snorkeling, may I know which beach have the clearest water? Oh and are they comparable to waters in similan & phi phi?

    • Lawrence Michaels

      There are a number of beaches on the West coast that offer decent snorkeling. However, they will not be comparable to the Similan Islands or even Phi Phi for that matter.

  14. Mike

    I also would like to suggest Karon beach instead of patong. Ideal for surfers during the low season from august till october. long stretch of white sand too

  15. Nooman

    Hi Lawrence, we are planning a trip to Phuket next month for 5 days and we are going to stay near patong beach.Basically we are interested in visiting beaches & enjoy the nature, so please suggest us the good beaches around Patong area. We are little confused about the places(beaches) to visit during these 5 days & also whats the appropriate mode of transport to save time.

  16. owais

    I am planning a 3 nights visit to Phuket with my wife
    Cannot decide between Pat tong & Kata beach
    Any suggestions & resort also

    • Lawrence Michaels

      I’m not sure about Resorts, but Kata would be my choice. It’s a lot nicer overall and more low key than Patong.

  17. elvira

    Am making a trip to Khao lak. any recommendations on hotel/resort and swimming beach. thanks

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Sorry, Khao Lak is a bit out of my area of expertise, but I’m sure you can find some great recommendations with a simple Google search.

  18. Ajish - UAE Exchange

    Paradise Beach in Patong is a must-visit place in Thailand. There is no crowd and you can enjoy nature at its best.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Sometimes there is a bit of a crowd, but it is definitely worth seeing.

  19. Nirav

    Hi, I am planning to visit Phuket for Honeymoon, I want to know which is best beach to stay for couples.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Depending on your financial situation, you could try north of Patong which is a bit pricey, but very nice. If you are more on a budget, try anything south of Patong. One of my favorite beaches in Phuket is Nai Harn, which just happens to be in one of the cheapest parts of the island (Rawai, Nai Harn).

  20. Francesca

    Hi Lawrence, thanks for this post! Heading to Phuket next week- my husband loves jet skis. With all the scams going on- do you know of any safe/honest jet ski rentals/beaches where we can find this? 🙂

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Honestly, I wouldn’t trust any jet ski rentals anywhere in the country.

  21. Aditya

    Hi Lawrence,
    We as family in a group of 20-22 person would like to visit Phuket in March 22-24 , 2016 and we’re struggling to find a good place to stay for all the group. A good word here refer to affordable comfort enough. Do you have recomendation for that and also some local contact or agent for bus rental?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      For a group that large, I can’t really say. I assume that any somewhat large hotel/resort could accommodate the entire party. Better to find an area that you would like to be first and then start looking for accommodations. If you want a party, look at Patong. Family oriented look at Kata. Very laid back, more local/expat community, look at Rawai.

  22. Roberta

    Hi Lawrence
    we are a family of 4 person, we are going to Phuket next month, we use to stay at Katathani hotel but is fully booked.
    Do you can recommend us with some nice beach resort, somenthing like Katathani?
    We love resorts with different pools, shallow water beach, with different in house restaurants and a garden massage.

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Hi Roberta. Next month is a pretty busy time for Thailand as the Songkran Festival kicks off on the 13th. I can think of a number of resorts right near the Katathani Resort, but they will likely cost you 3x the money. A possible alternative if you like the Kata area would be the Kata Beach Resort, although it is less upscale as the Katathani, it does have a number of restaurants and is located directly on the beach. However, there is only a single pool and I have no idea about the massage. If you don’t mind checking out a different area, I’d suggest anything north of Patong. There are a couple areas that you can search and hopefully find something to your liking. They are Surin, Kamala, Bang Tao, Mai Khao all have a lot to choose from. Bang Tao and Mai Khao both have a lot of upscale mega resorts that may match what you are looking for. Those links will take you to the relevant pages on the search engine. Good luck.

  23. Patrick

    Hi Lawrence,

    Thank you for compiling all of these, this will be very helpful. And it seems that you are reliable if I would ask you to recommend a beach and hotel. Hope it’s not too much to ask. We’ll go there in Phuket by Nivember. And we’re looking for
    1. Cheap hotel – around 3000 Thai Baht per night or less for 2 pax. Or if you can recommend a cheap hotel for 6 pax coz we are 6 altogether. Plus airport transfer is a must. 🙂
    2. Hotel should be Near the beach
    3. The beach should not be crowded, but has a place to hang out during the night.
    4. Should be near the cheap restaurants.
    I hope that you can recommend, pls pls pls.. This will be a great help. Thanks in advance! I appreciate it!

    • Lawrence Michaels

      Hi Patrick. November is the beginning of high season for Phuket, so you may find that many of the hotels are booked, or have begun to get full. I would recommend Kata Beach as a good place to meet your needs. Click on that link and enter your travel dates, this will give you the prices of the hotels there. Everything is pretty close together in Kata, so as long as you pick a hotel that isn’t too far East, you should be pretty close to the beach. Just check out the map on any hotel page and it will show you a map of all hotels in Kata. Most beaches will be crowded in November, but Kata is large enough that you will still have room to breath.

  24. Diana Gomez

    Hi Lawrence

    My husband and I will go to Phuket on July 26th (arriving at night) to 29th (until noon), just in a few days. We have been reading about some places to go and definetly, we are looking to stay in a quiet and relaxing zone, far from crowded areas. Also we would like to practice snorkeling and see beautiful water.

    Our budget is around 1200 to 1500 THB per night for 2 people to pay the hotel, and if it´s possible (paying more) arrange a safe transportation from Phuket airport to the hotel (We have read that tuk tuk and taxis are not the most safer).

    Could you please recommend to us some places with the description before.

    We are from Colombia and we are excited to get there!

    Thanks a lot


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