Top 5 Phuket Viewpoints

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The island of Phuket is a beautiful destination with no shortage of fabulous viewpoints. Many of these viewpoints are easily accessible and highly visited by tourists. Then there are those other viewpoints that you would never just stumble upon unless you knew they were there. After having seen most of the viewpoints on Phuket from those on and far off the beaten path, I present a list of the best Phuket viewpoints.

1) Karon Viewpoint

Topping off the list is the confusingly named Karon Viewpoint located on the jungle road connecting Rawai and Kata. It is one of the easiest viewpoints to find as it is located on the main road, so it is also one of the most popular. That does not take away from the beauty of the place at all. On a clear day one can see Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and as far north as Karon Beach, as well as the ocean and a number of islands. Read More

2) Phromthep Cape Viewpoint

Likely the most visited viewpoint on the entire island of Phuket is Phromthep Cape Viewpoint, also known as Laem Phromthep. This viewpoint is located at the southern most tip of Phuket and is said to be the location of the most beautiful sunsets on the entire island. Whether this is true or not is open for debate, but nobody can deny that with the right conditions, sunsets at Phromthep Cape can be spectacular. Read More

3) Big Buddha Viewpoint

The Big Buddha of Phuket can be seen from almost everywhere on the south of the island, so it should come as no surprise that it offers amazing views. On the east side you can see all of Chalong Bay, Phuket Town and as far as Cape Panwa and beyond. To the west you can see Karon and Kata and as far south as Phromthep Cape. The road up the hill is clearly marked as the site is home to one of Phuket’s top attractions. Read More

4) Radar Hill Viewpoint

Likely one of the least accessible of all the viewpoints on Phuket is the Radar Hill Viewpoint which is the highest point on Phuket. Aptly named after the government radar facility at the peak of the mountain, this viewpoint offers views of Patong but more impressively of Chalong and Phuket Town. The road up the hill is quite long and the viewpoint is about 300 meters below the government facility. Read More

5) Rang Hill Viewpoint

At the center of Phuket Town resides the Rang Hill Viewpoint. Formerly a fitness park, this spectacular location is now better known for it’s amazing views over Phuket Town. There are wild monkeys in the park so go at your own discretion. If you would rather enjoy a monkey free experience, there are a number of restaurants around the park area that offer similar views where you can also enjoy some food and a drink.

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