The Secret A Go Go

Sitting quietly in the far back of Soi Easy is a little known venue that offers something different. The Secret A Go Go is just that, a secret. Marketed as an upscale Go Go Bar, The Secret is a bit pricey compared to your average Go Go Bar, but it is of a higher quality.

The Secret A Go Go on Soi Easy

Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly pricey cover charge at the door. This is often negotiable or outright waved depending on the night and the number of customers already inside. Inside is a variety of lounge areas, tables and of course, a center stage. There are plenty of girls that will gladly keep your company for the evening, at the cost of a couple lady drinks.

The Secret offers a number of different stage shows each night, check the door for showtimes. The stage shows at The Secret A Go Go are very professional compared to most of the other Go Go Bars on Bangla Road. Shows range from what they call Coyote Sexy which is a standard bikini girl show, Lesbian Show, Super Model Show as well as others. The girls working at The Secret are extremely beautiful and are not your typical Phuket Bar Girls.

If you are sick of the typical Bangla Road scene and are in the mood to experience something with a bit more class, The Secret A Go Go is a great place to spend an evening. Although more expensive then most other Go Go Bars in Bangla Road, you will probably find it money well spent.

Open 10:00pm Until Late Daily


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