Kata Beach

Kata beach is a popular stop over for many tourists as it is one of the best Phuket beaches. Despite all of the tourist activity located on and around the beach, Kata beach is still very beautiful. The beach is lined with Casuarina trees that offer a relaxing shade to those afraid of the sun. The beach itself is a fine white powder that gently slopes down into the sea. The seabed is very sandy with the occasional rock or two for you to stub your toe on.

The Popular Kata Beach | Photo by: Lawrence Michaels

There are loungers lining much of this one and a half kilometer stretch of sand that can be rented for about 100 baht a day. You can relax yourself in the beautiful Phuket weather as the local sunbed vendors serve you drinks and food. You can enjoy sandwiches and pizza as well as various other snacks without even leaving your chair. If you fancy something more filling then a sandwich, there are a few restaurants that line the length of the beach. The most affordable restaurants are located on the south end of the beach where you can eat fresh seafood and Thai cuisine, these include both Kata Mama Seafood and it’s neighbor Kata Seafood.

During the monsoon season (May – October) the water gets a bit rougher. At this time of year, the surfers head out to Kata beach looking for some good waves. The waves never get that big, making the conditions ideal for the beginning surfer or those looking for a gentle ride. The Phuket Surfing Contest was an annual surfing competition that usually takes place around mid September, so the waves must get pretty decent. After some issues in 2011, this event is now held annually in Patong.

At night, the Ska Bar at the south end of the beach is a popular hangout for tourists. Built around a huge tree, it overlooks Kata beach and has great views of the sea. Climb up the stairs around the side of the bar to the private perch where you can enjoy your drinks or some food away from all the crowds.

Kata beach is a premiere tourist destination in Phuket Island, but for good cause. It is a naturally beautiful beach with plenty of activities. It is perfect for the family to spend a fun day out in the Phuket sun. You will definitely have a great time at Kata beach.

Beach Vendor at Kata Beach | Photo by: Lawrence Michaels

Beach Activities

Kata Beach offers pretty much every beach activity that you can think of. You can rent jet-skis, take a ride on the banana boat or even go para-sailing. Certain times of the year, there is decent surf at Kata beach and you can rent boards from one of the local stands. There is a nice spot to go snorkeling on the north end of the beach with a large coral reef occupied by many colorful fish. Strong swimmers can head on out to Boo Island and experience the beautiful reefs there as well.

Getting There

Kata Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. It is located in south Phuket, north of Rawai and south of Karon Beach. There are plenty of very visible signs pointing the way.


About Lawrence Michaels

Google+ : Lawrence is an American expat who has lived in Thailand since 2008. He has spent the majority of his time living on the Island of Phuket, but has also done a fair amount of traveling around the country.


  1. Hi Lawrence,

    How can i get to Kata beach from my hotel in Patong? What is the rates going to be like? Do you have a rough gauge?


    • Depending on where you are staying in Patong, the ride should take anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes. If you don’t plan to rent a car yourself, your only real option is to hire a taxi or tuk tuk. This can be somewhat expensive relative to the cost of everything else here. I’d guess that a one way trip from Patong to Kata would likely run around 500฿ which is around $15, ask at your hotel and you may be able to get a better rate. Most of the taxis in Phuket are not metered so you will need to negotiate a rate before leaving. It is important to know how much you are expected to pay before getting into the taxi to avoid any problems. Also be sure to have exact change as the taxi driver likely won’t.

  2. Where do you rent or pay for sunbeds.

  3. Hi, whats your opinion on the best beach in late october for swimming and snorkeling. Strong swimmer. Have not been to Phuket before.

    • Lawrence says:

      October is still technically the monsoon season, so strong swimmer or not, heed the warning flags. Most West coast beaches have some sort of snorkeling areas, but really nothing that spectacular. For the best snorkeling, you’d need to head to some of the surrounding islands.

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