Just a few minutes outside of Patong Beach is the unimpressive Tri Trang Beach. It is completely dominated by the Merlin Beach Resort, but they were kind enough to leave a narrow foot path on one side of the resort leading down to the sea.

Tri Trang Beach

Tri Trang Beach

The beach itself is rocky and not very good for much. The seabed is shallow and rocky as well, so you will have difficulty even going for a swim. Tri Trang Beach feels secluded, which it is, and still retains some of it’s natural beauty despite the resort. There is a single restaurant located on the beach accurately named ‘Goodview Restaurant’ which is a good place to sit and, you guessed it, enjoy the view.

The Tri Trang Beach located just outside of Patong is a less then stellar beach that really isn’t worth the effort to visit. If you are in the area it may be worth stopping in to check out and maybe snap a few photos. It is the closest of all the Phuket beaches to Freedom Beach, and is probably the cheapest launching point if you want to head out there, but this is assuming you can flag down a long-tail boat.

Beach Activities

There isn’t really anything to do at Tri Trang Beach. The water is shallow for most water activities except there is decent snorkeling during the high tide. There are a couple of open air massage places located on the beach, so you can get a message if that is your thing.

Getting There

Follow the road at the south end of Patong Beach until you reach the Merlin Beach Resort. On the left hand side before you actually reach the resort, there is a foot path that leads down to the beach.

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