If you are looking for a nice day away from all the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach, Tri Tra Beach is an excellent place to get away. It is conveniently located near Patong Beach, but it feels so private that you would never know it.

Tri Tra Beach

Tri Tra Beach

The beach is very soft and quite enjoyable to walk on, it is quite a treat after spending any amount of time on rocky beaches. Unfortunately, the sea is quite shallow and the seabed is littered with rocks, so it isn’t the best place to spend any amount of time in the water. You can rent sun loungers and there are a few vendors that can arrange various water sport activities. There are a couple of nice restaurants nearby but they aren’t necessarily cheap.

If you want a day away from the touristy Patong Beach, Tri Tra Beach is a conveniently located getaway. The beach may not be perfect, but it is naturally beautiful and a relaxing spot to enjoy a day in the sun.

Beach Activities

You can rent jet-skis, para-sails and kayaks from the local vendors, but they charge more then you would expect. The water is too shallow for snorkeling so you should look elsewhere.

Getting There

Follow the road at the south end of Patong Beach for about two and half kilometers and you will be at the beach. The Tri Trang Beach Resort is located on this beach (don’t ask us why it isn’t on Tri Trang Beach).

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