Located just outside of Patong Beach is Paradise Beach, one of the former best kept secrets in Phuket, but despite the beauty of the place, recent developments have made the place pretty undesirable. It is situated in a small sheltered bay and is surrounded on either end by rocky headlands. The beach is sandy and is well maintained and unlike Patong Beach, it has been able to retain itโ€™s natural beauty despite the influx of tourism. The main beach is where the bulk of the tourists flock to, but if you head to the west end of the beach, you will find a path leading over a small headland that leads to an even nicer second beach. This second beach is much more quiet and the sand actually feels softer on the feet then the main beach.

Paradise Beach near Patong Beach

Paradise Beach near Patong Beach

As you first enter Paradise Beach, you will notice a ticket counter selling admission at 100 500 baht per person. This isn’t a fee to enter the beach, as that is illegal, but rather, a fee to cross the land to enter the beach. However you want to justify it, it is 100 500 baht per head. Now this might sound like a scam from the get go, but this entrance fee also entitles you to one free lounge chair.

Update: Back when Paradise Beach was only 100 baht per person, it was quite reasonable and highly recommended. However, with the new price gouging increase, we would recommend that you look elsewhere. It’s a complete shame because Paradise Beach use to be one of the Best Beaches in Phuket, but unfortunately, due to the price hike, we have kicked it off the list completely. Things have really gotten out of hand. Reports have stated that there is even security now that will go through your bags to ensure that you do not bring any outside food or drinks. Hopefully this is not a long-term development, but only time will tell.

At one point in time, Paradise Beach was less known then it is today and you would never find too many people visiting on a given day. The times they are changing in Phuket and especially around Patong. On our last trip to this lovely beach, the place was absolutely packed. This may seem like a deterrent for some, but despite the crowds, it was still a very peaceful setting. Unlike neighboring Patong Beach, there is a very relaxed atmosphere, which means no jet ski’s or vendors to hassle you during the day.

The water is a bit shallow and at low tide it is not possible to swim. Even during the high tide swimming can be a bit difficult as there is a large coral reef just of the shore. It is possible to rent kayaks at high tide, allowing you to explore around a bit.

There is a restaurant near the entrance that sells Thai food and various western dishes. The western dishes are just so so, as you would expect in any Thai restaurant, but the Thai food is quite delicious. The best part is, the food is reasonably priced considering the location and lack of competition. Compared to typical Thai food restaurant in Patong Beach, the prices are similar if not less than you would pay in town.

Overall, Paradise Beach is an excellent place to spend a day out enjoying the wonderful Phuket sunshine. If you are tired of the crowds and overall dirty feeling of Patong Beach, Paradise Beach is a great alternative. It is conveniently located near Patong, but far enough away that you can feel as if you have escaped from all the buzz of the tourist hub.

Long-Tail docked at Paradise Beach

Long-Tail docked at Paradise Beach

Beach Activities

There is very good snorkeling just off the shore. There are plenty of colorful tropical fish to look at and swim with. You can also rent kayaks by the hour so that you can explore the cove and out into the Andaman Sea, just don’t go to far.

Getting There

Drive up the road at the south end of Patong Beach until you come to a narrow road extending upward on a hill. Follow this road a good two kilometers or so and you will see a smaller concrete road going up into the jungle. This is a newer road that crosses over private land in order to access Paradise Beach. The road gets pretty steep at times, but so long as you have good brakes, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Watch out for cars on this narrow road as there is barely enough room for a vehicle traveling in one direction, let alone two directions.

An alternative to driving is renting a long-tail boat from Patong Beach. It is going to cost you a fair bit more, but you won’t have to cross over private land to get there. Besides, it’s more exciting arriving at a new beach by sea then it is by land.


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