Cape Panwa Beach is in south Phuket and is not very highly ranked among most of the other Phuket beaches. It is a narrow strip of sand that is rocky and uninviting for sunbathing. It doesn’t really matter how nice the weather is on a given day, you probably won’t want to stay for long.

The Beautiful Cape Panwa Beach

The Beautiful Cape Panwa Beach

On one end of the beach is the Thai Naval Fleet Headquarters, the other end is Phuket Aquarium. Along the middle are various shops, restaurants and hotels. There is a concrete walkway along most of the center of the beach that extends from the shore all the way out into the water.

There really is little reason to check out Cape Panwa Beach, and if you happen to find yourself near there, it is probably because you’re headed to the Phuket Aquarium. The beach does offer nice views of Cape Panwa and a few of the outlying islands, but that isn’t reason enough to go there. There are far to many beaches on Phuket Island to settle for a below average beach such as this. It is somewhat reminiscent of Rawai Beach, but without all the delicious Seafood Restaurants to sit at.

Cape Panwa in South Phuket

Cape Panwa in South Phuket

Beach Activities

There are absolutely no water activities of any kind at Cape Panwa Beach. The only thing to really do there is look at the islands and maybe grab a drink or a bite to eat across the road. If you get bored, you can always go visit the Phuket Aquarium.

Getting There

Drive into Cape Panwa along Sakdidet Road. Keep following the signs that point to Cape Panwa. When you reach the Naval Base, Cape Panwa Beach is that narrow strip of sand along the water.

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