About Us

Unlike most websites, we here at intoPhuket are not trying to sell Phuket to you. If you are here visiting the website, you are probably already interested in Phuket or are planning to head there, so there is no reason to talk the place up.

It would be easy for us here to talk up all the popular restaurants and venues as if they are the greatest things in the world, when in fact they are not. In Phuket, like in all places in the world, there are good places and bad places. Some places that use to be good are now bad and vice-versa. It does nobody any good to talk up a place and have it not deliver. You as a web surfer would just venture elsewhere as our credibility would be called into question.

Here at intoPhuket, we are just like you. We are travelers or local expats with a street level knowledge of Phuket. Our only goal is to bring you the most accurate and honest opinion of what exists in Phuket with a hope that our knowledge can allow you to gain the most out of your next holiday. Although the majority of our knowledge is first hand and based out of personal experience, the constantly evolving dynamic of Phuket makes it necessary at times to rely on second hand knowledge until we can confirm it for ourselves.

On that note, do remember that Phuket is a very large place. Yes, Phuket is an Island, but it is a very large island with thousands of bars, restaurants and various other businesses. What may be a great restaurant/bar/nightclub today may have a very different dynamic tomorrow. So bear with us if our information is not 100% accurate 100% of the time. We do try our best, but we are only human.